Virtual & Hybrid Events

  • Virtual & Hybrid Events

The New Reality in Events

Let's Discuss Delivering your next event virtually will engage attendees and act as an efficient cost-effective alternative to ensure your organization’s business continuity.

Your virtual platform, streaming quality, and ability to engage your audience do not only impact the success of your event but also reflect your brand. The experience of your audience will lead to a deep affiliation.

When you need to showcase your brand, engage your audience, build excitement, and drive business, your usual webcast provider might not suffice. You need a virtual event!
Almoe Productions will help you ask the right questions and set you on the right path to meet your business objectives. To maximize the return and outreach of your event, we are by your side to consult, plan, manage, and design the right experience on your behalf.

3 Studios to take your event to your Audience Today!

Studio A – Mobile Virtual 3D Green Screen Studio – Fits in a standard size boardroom

Studio B – Almoe HQ full size Virtual 3D Green Screen Studio

We have a range of ready-made 3D Virtual sets & studios and we also offer 3D Virtual content creation so you can have bespoke 3D sets in our Virtual Studios

Studio C – ALMOE HQ - Multi Camera Live Soundstage

Our Multi Camera Live Soundstage can be configured any way you want with LED Backdrops and floors, theatrical lighting systems, 48 Channel Audio System

All Studios come with Broadcast Standard Equipment, and Experienced broadcast engineers and Producers

Make your next virtual event a success.