Wide Screen Projection & LED Displays

Enhance your guests experience with an awesome widescreen display. This is a case of “bigger is better”……give your viewers more screen, more information, more action, and a more engaging viewing experience.

Whether it’s the width of a ballroom, the side of a building, or any other space we can create a widescreen projection. Using multiple projectors, and soft edge blending we can create one seamless image.

Another option other than projection is an LED screen. This is made up from panels that when put together can create a large uniquely shaped display screen. Bespoke video content needs to be produced however we can assist by working with design teams, and advising what looks best when using these dynamic forms of projection or LED.

Our technicians are experienced with industry leading brands that allow us to push the boundaries and be innovators in this field.
Equipment we work with is, Pandoras Box, Vista Spyder, Christie Projectors, Panasonic, Digital Projection and other leading brands. We also stock custom projection screens ranging from 12m up to 25m wide.

“Move the borders, extend your horizon, and expand your message”